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A bundle of hair is a term used to describe a pack of natural unprocessed hair. It is not processed in any way (chemically dyed, permed, straightened), so it's exactly what you would see at the beauty supply store. Hair comes in a lot of forms, just like people. Perhaps you want a full, natural look or the freedom to cut your hair without worrying about it growing back perfectly even. Or perhaps your hair loss is caused by something as simple as a dry scalp, leaving you with less hair than you wish you had. Whatever form it takes and whatever reason behind it, bundles of hair are giving women and men scattered all over the world one solution: freeform hair. A perfect hair bundle set is a completed and excellent bundle of human hair, which contains several wefts and one closure. It is made with top quality raw material that can be smoothed, curled, dyed, washed and styled. The extension is easy to apply by clipping your natural hair to the tip of the closure.

Closure is the closure of hair at the top of natural or synthetic hair extension. A hair weave is woven directly into the head, where as a wig consists of individual curls or wefts which are then sewn together to make a faux hair helmet. Closure is a hair replacement technique that involves weaving natural or synthetic hair into the client's own hair for added volume and length. Closures can be used as a quick fix to add length, or as a longer term solution for clients who want to wear their own hair as little as possible. Additionally, closures can help fill out thinning or balding areas of the head.  This method consists in sewing the extension directly to your existing hair, so the only thing visible is 100% natural. This is a closed technique, so there are no knots showing or any type of hair extension visible, this considered as the best choice among women with medium-thick hair (roots).

Bundles and closure is one of the most natural way to achieve that famous celebrity look. Hair bundle is the trss of hair from one donor. Usually we use 2.5 to 3 bundles for normal fullness, and 3 to 4 bundles for thick , healthy hair. Closure is a technique to conceal the opening line of the frontal, which is made by sew-in weaving. Hair bundle is a combination of hair extensions, it is not individual length or color hair pieces. Because of bundles, you can get multiple styles by wearing it in different ways. Closure it a kind of way to finish the front closure, so the hair looks natural and thicker. This closure is versatile and can be used as part of a full sew-in or as a quick fix for an added length of hair. It's lace cap design gives it an elegant look that enhances any style. 

What is Bundle with closure of hair? Bundles of hair with a closure is an excellent solution for many people, because it allows you to get the length and volume of your dreams without having to cut off all of your hair. The closure that can be matched into any type of hair weft(hair weave) is used to cover the existing hair at the roots. Sealed bundles are a good way to have an instant transformation. The closure of hair is the most important part when you are going to get a bundle of your favorite hair extensions. When you do not choose it carefully, there is a high chance that your bundles will come back. And of course, we cannot deny that each closure of hair has its own advantage and disadvantage. This product is a closure with bundles. The closure is made of virgin remy hair. It is 100% unprocessed Remy Hair and it comes in a variety of shades. The closure also provides you with the options of parting your hair anywhere you choose. It has a braiding pattern on the left side to resemble an African American haircut, so if you prefer a weave look and are inspired by African American hairstyles, this may be a great look for you.

The deep wave bundles with closure of hair is perfect for women who have long hair, you can wear it on party or club. It will make you more beautiful and charming. The hair which is very soft, clean, thick and smooth makes you very comfortable to wear and touch. They are free of tangle and shedding. You can comb the bundle easily to styling your natural hair. The closure is made of high quality lace material with adjustable straps to fit most size heads. Enjoy the benefits of pure natural hair. Deep waves bundles with closure hair is a set of 100% human  hair that has been gently knotted and cuticle removed. Made from all luscious Virgin hair , these deep wave bundles will give you natural look that both you and your loved ones will be happy about, without the hassle of going to the beauty salon.

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